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About Supply Pipe Corridors

Explains the concept of the supply pipe corridors in relation to the pre-conception design.

After the equipment rooms have been coordinated with all those involved in the planning, supply pipelines can be constructed. First of all, the technical trades jointly plan the course of supply pipelines for the development of the building. Using the Pipeline corridor < tool, the planned pipeline corridors with estimated space requirements are constructed. In the Cross sections dialog, all required pipeline corridor cross sections can then be defined and dimensioned. In addition, you have the option of inserting placeholders for fixing elements to take into account the space requirements of the fixing elements in the pipe run cross-section and ensuring at an early stage that the layouts of the cross-sections are technically feasible in terms of the fastening system. The pipeline corridor cross sections can then be assigned to the constructed pipeline structures using the Assign Cross Section < tool.

Alternatively, you can assign both the planned pipes and ducts and the expected dimension of the same to a constructed pipe corridor via the properties dialog. From the properties dialog, you can also open the cross-section editor and spatially locate and edit the pipes/ducts that have already been assigned and the fastening elements that may have been inserted.

The definite dimensioning of pipes can be done per pipe route segment in the properties dialog without having to adjust the assigned cross section. Due to this decoupling, the construction of pipe corridor segments with identical layout and different dimensions is made possible.

At any point in this process, you can export your entire pipe corridor concept as an IFC file and continuously coordinate it with all planning stakeholders.

Using the information from the assigned pipe corridor cross-sections, you can redimension all pipeline corridors, adjust the material for the pipes/ducts as required and generate the them in the pipe corridors. Fasteners placed in the cross-section are not included in the generation of the pipe corridors, as they are only used to take into account the space requirements of the fasteners within the path.

You now have a pipeline corridor concept that has been coordinated with all those involved in the planning process and ready for the outline planning.