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About Equipment Rooms

Explains the concept of equipment rooms in connection with Pre-Concept Design.

As soon as rooms and functional areas of the building are planned, the technical trades receive a concept model of the architecture. In this concept model, the technical trades create a requirement planning for the building services to be introduced. This is done in the Equipment rooms dialog, which can be found in the Analysis tab of the Pipeline corridor concept discipline.

If the necessary space requirements for the building services are known, they can be entered manually and directly. If the required areas are not known, a normative dimensioning can be performed for the areas of all disciplines. Select one of the three building part templates from VDI 2050-1 in the Dimensioning dialog for each building part of your project. The standard bases its specifications for the building parts on the type and scope of the technical systems to be installed; accordingly, the templates can also be used analogously for other types of buildings.

After the space requirements have been determined, the equipment rooms can be placed in the project in the correct size using the Equipment room < tool. In the Equipment rooms dialog, the compliance with the determined area limits can finally be checked.