Learn about new features in LINEAR software.
Learn more about the system requirements for using the LINEAR solutions.
Learn which norms and standards support the LINEAR Solutions modules.
Learn how to install, your LINEAR software, license and keep it up to date.
Get basic information about the structure, function, and interaction of the LINEAR Solutions programs in Revit and LINEAR Building.
Learn how architects prepare plans and models to create a building model for building analysis.
Learn how to plan the positionining and dimensioning of technical control centers and create the route concept in collaboration with all parties involved in the planning.
Get information about the requirements analysis of a building. The demand analysis includes the calculation of the heat load, the cooling load and the ventilation concept.
Learn how radiators, convectors, panel heating/cooling systems and concrete core activation systems and components of ventilation systems are designed based on the requirement analysis in LINEAR Building.
Learn how to insert components from the LINEAR CAD Browser, from the libraries and configurators of the Library tab or from LINEAR Building into a model.
Learn how to create pipe and duct networks, design slots and openings and manage discipline-related reports and tasks.
Learn how to calculate pipe and duct networks.
Get information on the workflow Scheme for the discipline Potable Water in Revit.
Get information about the workflow Construction design in connection with pipe and duct networks.
Learn how to label section parts and components in the model.
Obtain information on the output of calculation results and material extracts in your CAD program in LINEAR Building. In addition, find out how you can customize the layout of the output documents using the print mask editor.
Get information about possible sources of errors when working with LINEAR Solutions.