Social responsibility

Commitment to social and sustainable projects is a matter close to our hearts. For this reason, we support institutions that care for children, the sick and the needy. In addition, we make our contribution towards CO2 neutrality and waste avoidance. 

At LINEAR, we actively take responsibility for a healthy world in order to pass on a planet worth living on to future generations. In doing so, we want to create value - for our customers, our employees and the entire company. Our product contributes to a sustainable construction industry, but we as a company also act sustainably and responsibly. Sustainability is a fundamental cornerstone of our corporate values. We are climate neutral by minimizing our C02 footprint as well as actively avoiding waste. We stand up for sustainable action internally and externally and set a good example. 

Let us inspire you with our work.

Engineers Without Borders Germany

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. is a non-profit and independent development cooperation organization. It supports people where technical cooperation is necessary and possible, especially by providing basic infrastructural needs in the areas of water, electricity and sanitation.

In joint projects with local partners at schools and in rural communities, practical and professional solutions in the areas of water, electricity and sanitation are developed and implemented. Regional materials are used wherever possible and solutions are adapted to local conditions. The projects are only successfully completed when local people are able to continue them on their own - according to the principle of helping people to help themselves.

In Germany, bridges are built between cultures: Technical language courses are held for people with refugee experiences and a migration background, the knowledge acquired is applied together in technical workshops, and ways are sought to enable them to enter the German labor market.

The charitable work of the German branch of "Engineers Without Borders", Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V., impresses LINEAR time and again. Recently, we were very happy to donate 5% of the software sales rounded up to 70 000 € in a special campaign and thus support the great work of the many volunteers again. A big thank you also to our customers, who made this contribution possible with their decision for LINEAR.


We support everwave and declare war on the waste in our waters. Every year, more than 11 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. This not only has a devastating impact on life underwater, but also on the entire environment, the economy and ultimately on all of us. The trash mainly makes its way from land to sea through rivers, and that's where the Aachen-based startup comes in. The company is developing special trash collection boats that collect the trash floating in rivers and take it away for recycling. We were particularly impressed by the holistic approach involving local schools, universities and politics.

Everwave also offers companies the opportunity to offset their waste footprint, the amount of waste produced by one or more products, or a free sum. For every amount a company pays, everwave collects a certain share of waste from waters around the world. This is then returned to the cycle as locally as possible, depending on the mission and infrastructure. LINEAR has also used the Plastic Credits to offset its plastic footprint and has been "on board" as a supporter of everwave since 2022.

Donation project Malawi

As part of the LINEAR fundraising campaign 2021, the construction of an elementary school in the Southern Region of Malawi was successfully implemented with the help of "Bücherbörse Köln e.V." and the "abc Gesellschaft". The country is one of the poorest in the world and many children have no access to education as a result. This has enabled at least 400 children to receive a school education who would otherwise never have the opportunity. We in the rich industrialized countries are also becoming very aware of how important education and classroom instruction are.

Thanks to an additional donation from the LINEAR staff, it was also possible to build a well to enable a mango plantation in the immediate vicinity of the school. We are very proud of the positive response and support that the project has brought. 

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Fightback against poverty

Fightback against Poverty is a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing rapid assistance to children and families in the greatest need, whether due to disease, hunger, poverty, war, disaster or exploitation. When government agencies are too slow or fail to provide support, they are there to help. 

Fightback against Poverty was founded in 2017 by Avdo Iljazovic and Andreas Schindler and has already been able to launch aid projects in several European and African countries to help people in recent years. It all started when Avdo Iljazovic donated all his earnings as a football player at SV Rott in Aachen to charitable causes. In the meantime, other soccer players such as Marc-Andre Ter Stegen are also among the supporters. Through donations, charity events and partnerships, Fightback against Poverty is able to be there for people on the ground and help them. We are excited about the further development and are happy to be able to make a contribution.

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One in four children does not have a packed lunch in his or her school bag. The non-profit organization breakfast4kids is therefore committed to ensuring that all children receive a breakfast. Every morning, the helping bakeries prepare hundreds of sandwiches and deliver them to schools in the Aachen region. breakfast4kids thus guarantees children a fresh breakfast on every school day for a year, so that they can be healthier, concentrate more and perform better. We are more than happy to support this great work in our local community!

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UNICEF is the United Nations (UN) Children's Fund and is active in over 190 countries worldwide. Wars, disasters, diseases, exploitation or lack of participation: From rapid emergency relief to long-term reconstruction, UNICEF helps girls and boys all over the world grow up healthy and safe and develop their full potential. The harrowing images from Afghanistan have shocked us deeply and so we support the important work of UNICEF "Help for Afghanistan" on the ground.

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The "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteogenesis imperfecta (Glasknochen) Betroffene e. V." (The German Society for Osteogenesis imperfecta (Vitreous Bone), which now has over 1,000 members, was founded in 1984 and is organized nationwide. Its main task is to support those affected and their relatives by providing advice and supra-regional networking for therapy and for the exchange of information. This is an extremely important contribution to increasing the quality of life of all those affected, which we are happy to support. 

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Doctors without borders

Worldwide, independent, fast and close to the people: Doctors without Borders provide medical aid in conflict areas, after natural disasters and during epidemics for millions of people who would otherwise have been left alone and could die from their illnesses or injuries.

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Aachener Tafel

Already since 1998, the "Aachener Tafel" has been supporting needy people with free food and tries to balance the disproportion between human need and food destruction. Particularly in the past year, the need has increased immensely due to price increases. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to make a contribution in our home region.

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SOS Kinderdorf - Help for Ukraine

The Ukraine war is hitting people with unrelenting force. According to estimates, 17.7 million of the total 40 million Ukrainians are in need. Many children and adults are also suffering from the psychological consequences of violence, flight and worries about their future. "SOS Kinderdörfer" employees stand by children and families in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

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Pfadfinderschaft Kohlscheid

We are also happy to support the local scouts from Kohlscheid. Here, children learn to shape their lives and their environment in a sincere and committed way. In doing so, they make new experiences again and again, which enrich their lives. Our donation helps to be able to offer the diverse leisure activities at reasonable prices, so that financially weaker families can also have access to the community.

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Maria im Tann

"So that life succeeds better." The Youth Welfare Center in Aachen offers a differentiated range of various forms of care as well as assistance for children, adolescents, young adults and families. Just as each individual child has its own special individual destiny, it also needs its own special individual support in order to at least come close to guaranteeing its right to equal opportunities.

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