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2016 steht wieder im Zeichen der Regionalmessen. Den Start macht hierbei die SHK Essen im März, gefolgt von der IFH Nürnberg im April und der GET Nord in Hamburg im November. Wir freuen uns auf einen interessanten Austausch mit Ihnen vor Ort und stellen Ihnen neben der neuen Version 16 auch die Luftkanalnetzberechnung für Revit vor. Sie finden uns in Halle 1.0 auf Stand C36.

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The management board of the liNear GmbH has been strengthened by two additional CEO: Jürgen Frantzen as a longtime senior sales staff, and Javier Codesal Castell, for many years head of development in the company became part of the management board at the 01/07/2015.

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Learn about all highlights of Version 16, such as the new hygiene assistant for potable water installations, heat load calculation for Switzerland, Turkey and Austria or the new IFC export. The solutions for Autodesk Revit have been significantly expanded this year. All liNear pipe network calculations are also available on Revit within the new version. All highlights can be found here.

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The ASHRAE Cooling Load Calculation: A decades-proven, recognized and validated workflow in the physical space and building simulation worldwide. With the new cooling load calculation according to ASHRAE, the liNear development team meets the increased demands of customers to the thermal simulation and design under proper physical solution of the heat equation related to Fourier for the "Heat Balance Method".

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One of our mayor goals is to have an optimal design process which is not only a theoretical but indeed a practical solution. This is why we support model based design processes for all trades. The BIM idea is a standard for liNear for more than 20 years now. more

Since more than 20 years we are working hand in hand with the HVAC and piping industry. With inovative software solutions and exclusive services liNear fits the gap between industry, designer, engineers and craftsman. more

Raise your profit through long-term knowledge. We provide you with trainings to work highly efficient with the liNear software. Send us a request and we will develope an individual training fitting to your needs. more