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Construction Design

Get information about the workflow Construction design in connection with pipe and duct networks.

The Construction Design workflow includes commands that allow you to process pipe and duct networks ready for fabrication. Before using the fabrication-oriented functions of this section, it should be ensured that the networks are coordinated with all project participants with regard to positioning, calculation and dimensioning and that they are fully dimensioned. Subsequent changes to the pipe and duct networks may result in the work carried out with the construction design functions needing to be carried out again or corrected.

Among others, with the functions of this discipline you can cut ducts to producible section lengths, display pipes in available delivery lengths, insert flanges in pipe networks, add fastenings to pipes and ducts, and assign item numbers to building components.

If you want to carry out the construction design planning with the AutoCAD module LINEAR Design 3D Pipe&Power, you can export all the data required for generating the pipe and duct networks in AutoCAD to Revit using the Handover to Design 3D command and import them back into AutoCAD. This saves you from having to recreate the model manually in AutoCAD. Ideally, the Revit model should have been constructed with LINEAR Solutions as well. Due to the differences in modeling between Revit and AutoCAD, certain situations may not import without errors and rework may be required.