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About Section/Delivery Lengths

Explains the concept of Section/Delivery lengths.

The Section/delivery lengths < function gives you the option to split ducts into finishable section lengths and to display pipes in available delivery lengths. This tool only works if the pipe or duct class used contains suitable connectors. You can verify this in the Revit dialog Type Properties in the routing presettings of the respective duct or pipe. If, after the division into section or delivery lengths, a remnant piece remains whose length is less than the defined minimum length, the remnant piece is added to the last section or delivery length. In such a case, the last section or delivery length is extended by the length of the remaining piece.

The Delete union < function can be used to merge ducts or pipes that have already been divided. For the Discipline Ventilation it is also possible to assign a fitting length to single air ducts using the Assign fitting length < function, in order to be able to compensate for any inaccuracies during installation on site. With the assignment the copy parameter LIN_ADDITIONAL_FITTING_LENGTH is also written to the corresponding duct, this parameter can be adjusted in the Revit-properties or evaluated in component lists. The assigned fitting length is displayed shaded red on the duct if a corresponding duct is selected.

The Elongate fitting < function can be used to replace remnants on branches with elongated fittings. A prerequisite is that the respective fitting has the corresponding parameters.