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About Fixing

Explains the concept of fixings for pipes and ducts.

The function Fixing < allows you to mount brackets, insertion rails, and various fixings for pipes and ducts. The placement of the fixings, brackets and insertion rails shall not be carried out until the positions, dimensions and insulation of the pipes and ducts have been finally determined and agreed with all parties involved.

The fixing elements, brackets and insertion rails can be suspended from ceilings, supported on floors or attached to walls, either individually or multiple times in line. When placing in line, you have the possibility to specify the distance between individual fixings, brackets or insertion rails and to place the elements symmetrically around the center of a specified section.

When placing brackets in floor plans or top views, the height for placement is determined by the floor selection and the specification of the offset.

When placing insertion rails, the width of the insertion rail automatically adjusts to the width of the pipe or the pipes, and you have the option to specify an excess length of the insertion rails and the height between the pipe and the rail. When fixing multiple pipes with insertion rails, the pipes have to run parallel.