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About Handover to Design 3D

Explains the concept of transferring pipe and duct networks of a Revit model to the AutoCAD module LINEAR Design 3D Pipe&Power.

With the function Handover to Design 3D, you can export the data of MEP components and the pipe or duct network topologies of a Revit model or part of a model into a d3d file. You can then import this d3d file into the AutoCAD module LINEAR Design 3D Pipe&Power and thus obtain the pipe and duct networks designed in AutoCAD in Revit. Ideally, the Revit model should have been constructed with LINEAR Solutions as well, so that the transfer of the pipe and duct networks can be carried out as error-free as possible.

The function allows you to import Revit models into AutoCAD for further detailing without having to recreate the network manually. After generating the network, you can perform detailed construction design planning using the tools available in AutoCAD for planning the components to be manufactured.

Before exporting to a d3d file, you can isolate the components to be exported using the view filters and the 3D selection frame. The data of all components included in the current view are exported. The zoom factor has no effect on this. After the export, you can select the d3d file to be imported in AutoCAD and specify which pipe or duct sets are to be used for importing the networks. Afterwards the networks will be generated automatically in AutoCAD.

Due to the differences in modeling between Revit and AutoCAD, it may happen that exported networks cannot be imported into AutoCAD without errors and manual rework is required. If pipes cannot be generated, their location in the drawing is represented by magenta colored pipes and a corresponding error message is passed as a report. Also, components used in Revit that are not included in the pipe or duct sets used in AutoCAD can cause that parts of the network cannot be generated in AutoCAD if no alternative was found in the selected set. Subsequently, detailed construction design planning can be carried out using the tools available in the LINEAR Design 3D Pipe&Power module in AutoCAD.

Note: The transfer of insulation is currently not yet supported.