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About Item Numbers

Explains the concept of assigning item numbers to components.

For each component in the model you can assign item numbers. The item numbers of the components are stored in shared parameters. The item numbers can be output in plans and parts lists, to use these for assembly or later on in the maintenance of the systems. Up to three different numbering systems can be used for each component.

When assigning the item numbers, you have different options. For example, you can specify the order in which the item numbers are assigned for the components, only number certain elements or types, or chose between different types of numbering and sub-numbering. You can give certain element types the same item numbers, number only certain areas of a network, or only assign item numbers for individual elements.

When you expand a pipe or duct network you can determine which item numbers already exist and which item number would be next. When assigning the item numbers you can also ignore connectors and flanges and check the network for missing item numbers.