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About e-KlimaX-Export

Explains the concept of exporting air duct data to an xml file using the e-KlimaX export function.

The e-KlimaX export function allows you to export air duct data from Revit models to a transfer file in xml format. The file generated in this way can be read into the ordering software eKlimax (MEZ Software) for the purpose of prefabrication. There, the data is further processed and transferred to production (e.g. plasma and channel machines, lasers, punching and sawing). This CAD-based process eliminates much of the manual data transfer, making the process much less error-prone.

It must be ensured that the export contains all relevant data. Therefore, the export does not take place by a simple execution of the function, but via a workflow, with the help of which possible errors in the parametric can be better detected and corrected.

Note: In order for the workflow to function properly, the duct system has to consist of fittings whose parametrics comply with the dimensioning rules of e-klimaX, which are essentially based on those of DIN 18379. If, in addition, other duct systems are used which use different parameter names but otherwise follow DIN 18379, these can be added via the parameter management.