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Checklist: About the Troubleshooting of the Software Protection Setup

Troubleshooting checklist for network software protection setup.

All the points mentioned on the Prerequisites for installing software protection page are taken into account.

IP address of the license server: _______________________________________________

IP address of client: ____________________________________________________

The software protection is found on the license server.

→ If not, check the points mentioned on the Set up software protection on the server page.

The Sentinel (LDK, HASP or Local) license manager is installed and started on the server and client.

You can get the latest HASP HL device driver (software protection driver) incl. LINEAR Admin and LINEAR Installation Center via the following link:


Any firewall that monitors communication between the server and client is enabled incoming and outgoing on port 1947 TCP/UDP.

The search setting for the software protection in LINEAR Admin is set.

  • The server always uses the Local setting because the software protection is local.
  • The client needs the setting Network, because the software protection should be searched in the network.

Are the IP addresses of your client and server in the same IP network (example: 192.168.100.xxx)?

→ If not, follow the description on the Configure different IP circles (server/client) page.

Are you connecting via VPN?

→ If yes, follow the description on the Set up configuration for client-side use of VPN connections page.

Start the Admin Control Center and check under Sentinel keys if your software protection is displayed as cloned or locked in the Key-Type column.

→ If yes, please contact support.

You get no or only a few licenses.

Check whether your licenses are occupied (page: Release network program licenses in LINEAR Software) or whether your licenses have expired (page: Check license expiries).

For testing purposes, deactivate all security programs (such as virus scanners or firewalls) that can influence the communication between the systems.