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Network-Software Protection

Get basic information about setting up network software protection with HASP SRM dongles and softlocks.

In this section, you will learn how to install, configure, license, and upgrade network software protection as an administrator using a HASP SRM dongle or softlock. In addition to the prerequisites that need to be clarified in advance for setting up software protection, you will receive instructions on the steps to be performed on the server and client side. In some steps you have a choice between an automatic ( executing .exe files) and a manual approach (using the administrative LINEAR-tools LINEAR Admin and LINEAR Installation Center). This allows you to try the manual way if complications arise with the automatic procedure.

With regard to the prerequisites, two checklists are available that you can use to double-check the server-side and client-side prerequisites if complications arise. An additional checklist helps you identify common setup errors and identify the tasks needed to fix them.