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Exporting Material Compilation

Shows step-by-step how to export material compilations.

Before you begin

You would like to export a material compilation, e.g. to use it for a quotation or to edit it in another program.


In your project, you have at least one room with radiators, cooling convectors, panel heating/cooling system or apartment ventilation systems.

Navigate to:

Module overviewModule selectionMaterial compilation


  1. Optional: Activate Take minimum packing volumes into account and Open exported file.
  2. Optional: Deactivate the Trades whose material is not to be exported.
  3. In the tree structure, select the level for which you want to export material.

    If you would like to add material to a level from the Building structure (e.g. a room), switch to the Building structure, select the desired level and click the Material compilation tab under the Toolbar.

  4. Click Material export.

    The following context menu opens.

  5. Select the desired file format.

    The Save as dialog opens.

  6. Set the location, adjust the file name if necessary, and click Save.

    In some formats, e.g. D81, further entries are possible before the file is saved.


The export file is created. After exporting in D81, UGS, UGL and GOST formats, a note is made on how many items have been recorded. The note does not appear in other formats.