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About export to DÄMMWERK

Explains the concept of exporting room groups and rooms into a format that allows importing this data into the software DÄMMWERK and creating an energy performance certificate.

Relevant for the preparation of an energy performance certificate are all heated or cooled rooms that border on outside air, on the ground or on unheated rooms. When creating the export files, all component data of the enveloping surfaces of these rooms are taken into account. When exporting, in addition to the already created room groups, the average indoor temperature for January as well as the temperature for weekend operation per zone are also given.

If the rooms in your project have not yet been assigned to any room groups, you can make this assignment in LINEAR Building. The created room groups are transferred to zones when they are imported into DÄMMWERK.

The data of the components are exported with name, area, orientation, inclination, zone assignment, U-value, component type and the corresponding DÄMMWERK component type. Two files are creating when exporting. The first file contains the envelope surface data and the second file is used to resolve the combined enveloping surfaces into their individual components with the location in the project.