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Outputting Calculation Data

Shows step-by-step how to print the calculation data of your pipe or duct network or how to export them as a file.

Before you begin

You either want to print the calculation data or export them as a file for further processing.


The pipe or duct network is completely detected and calculated.

Navigate to:

Project tabDisciplineAnalyse tabOutput

Applies to all disciplines.


  1. If you want to enter project data for the output, click Project data....

    The Project data dialog opens.

  2. Enter the desired project data. Click Address opens the LINEAR address database, from which you can import addresses into the project data.
  3. Click Preliminary notes to select or create preliminary notes that will be adopted in the printout.
  4. Click OK to close the Project data dialog.
  5. If there are multiple systems in the project, select the system for which you would like to create the output in the System(s) list.
  6. Select the desired print items.
  7. Select the output format.

    The Windows Printout option can be given out as a preview before printing. The remaining options in this drop-down list offer a number of formats for export.

  8. If necessary, select a different print language.
  9. If necessary, make further settings and then click Print or Export.


The calculation data are printed or saved including as configured.