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Constructing Panel Heating/Cooling

Learn how to design construction areas and lay pipes for panel heating circuits and panel cooling circuits.

This chapter provides information about functions, options and fundamental concepts related to the construction of panel heating/cooling.

For the construction of panel heating circuits and panel cooling circuits, first create construction areas in area plans. The construction areas are automatically covered with the panel heating circuits or panel cooling circuits of the selected system and with the selected laying pattern and grid spacing. For the laying of the circuits you can choose whether the circuits are to use the detailed or simplified display. In the simplified display no detailed families are generated with laying patterns for each circuit. You can subsequently move the connections of the circuits to the desired positions, place a manifold, and construct the feed pipe.

The panel heating/cooling elements along with the circuits’ feed pipes to the manifold connections can be transferred to LINEAR Building with the Refresh function. The transfer includes the construction areas, the systems, the laying patterns, and the grid for the panel heating/cooling elements. For feed pipes that go through multiple rooms, the detailed room assignment of the feed pipes is also taken into account.