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Olesya, please tell us about your "BIM trip" so far.
Personal motivation and enthusiasm led me to first look at individual BIM solutions and then to immerse myself completely in the topic. In the "R1 Projectbureau" I went from BIM coordinator to department head, and all the time I was motivated by the opportunity to develop innovative ideas and technologies and put them into practice. It gives me an incredible amount of energy when I work on the next innovations in a circle of like-minded colleagues who are inspired by my work.

"R1 Projectbureau" from Russia relies on the solutions of LINEAR for the MEP design

What challenges in implementing BIM led you search for additional tools?
When working with information technologies, it is impossible not to think about automating routine processes and increasing the efficiency of a company's employees.

When planning MEP designs, there was a need to enable automated calculation of heating loads based on the architectural model, as well as fast updating of calculation data when input data changes.

Previous calculations were carried out manually and partly with the help of other auxiliary programs or with Revit's own calculation, which was very labor-intensive. In addition to the great effort involved, many factors (infiltration, air exchange, orientation, there is no calculation on zones, etc.) were not taken into account.

Have you tried to solve the problems yourself? Have these solutions been successful?
While looking for a solution, we tested various software packages and add-ons for Revit. However, the solution of LINEAR proved to be the most optimal.

How did your employees perceive the LINEAR software?
As with every introduction of something new, LINEAR was viewed with caution by the designer. However, when the first calculations were made, the experts understood that the problem would be solved much faster and today it is no longer conceivable to return to other approaches.

The introduction of the program took place immediately in practice. We have our own expert who trains and advises all designers. For questions that we cannot solve independently, the LINEAR partner BIM-Cluster offers operational assistance, which is also a positive aspect of working with LINEAR.

What has changed with the introduction of the LINEAR software in the activities of the building services engineering department?
It is estimated that the use of LINEAR for changes to the architectural model (refurbishment) reduces the labor costs of designers by about 40-60%, increases their productivity and frees time for reflection and high-quality design decisions.

In order to perform a correct calculation, the model should of course be prepared more carefully, taking into account the placed spaces and e.g. joints of wall elements. However, this should by no means be seen in a negative light, as the quality of the model and the project increases accordingly.

The interview was conducted by Mr. Andrey Belkevich, Managing Director, BIM-Cluster (LINEAR Authorized Partner in Russia)

The R1 Projectbureau is a multidisciplinary engineering office that carries out all phases of the design process. The company is specialized in complex infrastructure facilities such as: concert halls, shopping malls, airports and civil engineering facilities.


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