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E-learning course: AutoCAD - Proven tool for all types of drawings

The course shows how drawings are organized and edited in AutoCAD. We demonstrate how to work with layers and illustrate the relationships in the display of objects depending on properties such as line thickness, line types, colors, transparencies and the display sequence using examples. We also…

New tutorial on the topic of cooling convectors

In this course, you will learn how cooling convectors are dimensioned based on the calculated cooling load. Using an example project, we demonstrate the dimensioning in an office building with LINEAR Building.

New e-learning course shows the possibilities of the LINEAR DWG converter

Learn how to use the LINEAR converter to make the same changes to a single drawing, a group of drawings or a saved project-related list of drawings. This is a huge time saver as the DWG and DXF converters allow you to make adjustments without opening the files. For example, you can swap colors,…

New e-learning course on heat load calculation

In this course, you will learn how to use LINEAR to perform a heat load calculation based on DIN EN 12831-1 and what options are available for adjustments. In the form of a project example, the calculation of an apartment building is carried out in which a subdivision of apartments has been made.

Further e-learning course: Basics of operating AutoCAD

The aim of this course is to learn how to draw with basic AutoCAD commands, use construction aids correctly, create layers and modify object properties. This basic knowledge should clarify the potential of LINEAR Desktop for AutoCAD and lead to a better assessment.

Vido S2 - A new generation of fan coil units from Purmo

Our industry partner Purmo has updated its data set: To align energy efficiency with room comfort in buildings with low-temperature systems, heat exchangers that are quick and efficient in their control and response are required. The new Vido S2 from Purmo is the perfect solution.

IPROconsult in a customer interview with LINEAR

In this customer interview Mr. Felix Schlamm, Deputy Head of Department/Project Manager MEP Design, and Mr. Christian Schädel, BIM General Coordinator, not only give us an insight into IPROconsult's impressive history and current range of services. They refer to the past as well as to the current…

Energy transition defined in four words: Therme out, Regudis in.

Data set update from our industry partner Oventrop! Speed up the energy transition: The electronically controlled Regudis W-HTE GT dwelling station from Oventrop is 440 mm wide and fits exactly where the old gas boiler used to be. And the perfectly fitting cover is included. Their connections are…

LINEAR Solutions now features a new user interface

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and fortunately, the software industry is no exception. We are also committed to providing our users with a seamless and efficient experience, so it was time for LINEAR Solutions to get a new, optimized user interface. The update aims to increase…