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The Grand Tower, being built in Frankfurt's district "Europaviertel", is distinguished above all by its impressive, dynamic architecture and exclusive living comfort. The groundbreaking project therefore received numerous prestigious awards in advance, such as the German Design Award and the International Property Award 2017. In fact, the residents of the 47-storey residential tower enjoy a lot. Highlights include a lobby with concierge service, a 1,000 m2 roof garden and a sun deck this is 145 m high. The 41 to 300 m2 apartments with their floor-to-ceiling glazing also offer an impressive view of Frankfurt and the Taunus mountains. The owners of the penthouses can also influence the design of the units during the construction phase.

The heating and cooling supply of the high-rise building also meets these high demands on flexibility and living comfort. The basis here is a district heating connection with a capacity of 1.5 MW and two chillers installed on the roof, each with a capacity of 550 kW. The dwelling stations serve as transfer points for warmth and cold to the living areas. They are supplied with heating and cooling water via the riser lines and, with the aid of integrated heat exchangers, ensure clear system separation and demand-oriented energy distribution to the individual consumers. On the lower floors, the residential units are equipped with underfloor temperature control and a bathroom radiator, and on the upper floors they are additionally equipped with a cooling ceiling and, if required, a fan coil.


The separation of the primary and secondary heating and cooling circuits brings a number of advantages to the residential tower. This allows the residents to adjust the room temperatures to their individual needs via the stations completely independently of the overall system, which significantly increases living comfort. The 6-way ball valve integrated in the decentralized solutions ensures that the consumers are reliably supplied with the required flow rate of hot or cold water at all times, both in heating and cooling mode.

In addition, by decoupling the residential units, the source of the fault can be identified relatively quickly in the event of a possible fault in the complex system. If this is located in the living area, the rest of the heating system remains fully operational during repair work. The stations also make it easy to retrofit a cooling ceiling or fan coil, as the necessary connections are already in place and the retrofit can be carried out without affecting the rest of the system.

At the same time, high pressures in the risers are required for reliable power distribution in the complex, which are reliably compensated by the dwelling stations. For this purpose, the manufacturer had extensive tests carried out with the tubes of the solutions in order to have them certified for nominal pressures up to PN 25. In addition, dynamic pressure closed-loop controllers are used to reduce the system pressure (PN 16) to the optimum level for the secondary circuits when it is transferred to the heating circuits.  

The exact adaptation of the dwelling stations to the high requirements of the building played a major role in the award of the contract. The project participants also received comprehensive advice and support from Uponor and KaMo. Added to this was the high flexibility in the production of the stations, of which ten units per week had to be delivered to the construction site at the beginning. The Grand Tower will be completed in 2020. 

An important part of the LINEAR software are the data sets of LINEAR industry partners. In this project, the participating companies Ventury and M&S Haustechnik benefited from the detailed data sets of Uponor panel heating systems and KaMo dwelling stations - both in the calculation and dimensioning, as well as in the construction. The data sets are regularly updated and checked and made available to all LINEAR users free of charge.

Project participants

Project developer and building owner: 
gsp Städtebau GmbH, Berlin

Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie. Architektur, Frankfurt am Main

Building services design:
ventury GmbH, Dresden

Building services execution: 
M&S Haustechnik GmbH, Friedrichroda (group of companies between Mathias GmbH Waltershausen and Schieck Aquatec GmbH Ernstroda)

Uponor GmbH


Heat and cold distribution: 
401 KaMo dwelling stations Combi

Underfloor heating: 
300,000 m pipe Uponor Comfort Pipe 16 x 1.8 mm

Design services of Ventury GmbH 
Design accompanying the construction of the subsections of heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitation, fire extinguishing systems (hydrants) including measurement and control technology in planning phases 2 to 7 including 3D modelling of all relevant storeys (with LINEAR software)

Special challenges: 

  • Very limited space conditions and high static demands on the supporting structure made void design and the vertical and horizontal development of all building areas with media difficult
  • Fire protection in high-rise building construction up to F120
  • Coordination planning of all subsections including external trades such as high-pressure water mist system and electrical installation
  • Forward-looking design in consideration of the construction sequence
  • Thinking ahead with placement concepts and construction site logistics during the construction phase and integrating them into design
  • Separation level of the vertical HVAC supply within the residential floors 22/23 under extremely cramped conditions, can only be verified with 3D design
  • Domestic supply with the highest demands on function (heating and cooling), controllability, space requirements and supply security (system separation of apartment and main network)

Company profile
Ventury GmbH was founded in 2007 and with its staff has many years of experience in the design and construction of building and process technology systems and energy technology projects. Energy generation and distribution, building services of all trades as well as thermal and energy management simulations belong to the diverse fields of work of the company.

Uponor is one of the world's leading suppliers of systems and solutions for the hygienic supply of drinking water, energy-efficient heating and cooling and reliable local heating networks. KaMo GmbH in Ehingen also belongs to the Uponor group of companies with around 4,000 employees in 30 countries. Together with its subsidiaries, Uponor offers holistic concepts for a wide range of building types - from residential and commercial construction to industrial and civil engineering. Conceived from a single source, they meet the highest standards in terms of comfort, design, safety, energy efficiency and sustainability. Uponor achieved a turnover of around 1.2 billion euros in 2018.
www.uponor.de | www.kamo.de

M+S Haustechnik GmbH was founded in 2016 as a group of companies between Mathias GmbH Waltershausen and Schieck Aquatec GmbH Ernstroda. Since then, the company has been implementing major projects from design to completion of the building services.
www.mathiasgmbh.de | www.schieck-aquatec.de

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