Category: Social projects

LINEAR Christmas donations 2022

Last year, we continued our social commitment at Christmas and supported several organizations in the course of the LINEAR Christmas donation. For the first time, all employees had the opportunity to suggest organizations in order to distribute the total donation amount of € 123,000. At this point…

LINEAR continues to support "Fightback against Poverty"

During their visit yesterday, we spoke with Avdo Iljazovic and Andreas Schindler from "Fightback against Poverty" about current projects, which we will continue to support and promote with another Christmas donation to the non-profit organization.

LINEAR donation project: Giving children a perspective for the future

LINEAR builds a school in Africa
This proposal was made during this years considerations for a donation campaign by LINEAR. As has been usual throughout the past years, LINEAR donates a considerable amount to a relief organization at the end of the year. First of all, we would like to express our…