New E-Learning Course: Excel Import / Export Room Book

In Revit, a large number of parameters are managed with which adjustments can be made to families, in which calculation results can be output or with which you can make default values for technical components, such as pressure losses, powers or mass flows. With this large number of components to which technical specifications must be made or whose data must be checked, the desire for clear input options quickly arises, preferably in the form of a list.

Here LINEAR offers an easy way to export component lists created in Revit to Excel, edit them externally and then import them again. You can create comparisons between designed and realized areas or populate the room data in the form of a room book. We will show you the various possibilities in this course using an illustrative example.

Course outline

Excel import / export room book

  • Exporting component lists
  • Creating room books
  • Visualization in the zoning
  • Use of key parameters

  • E-learning
  • Calculation
  • Construction
  • Revit

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