Calculating Waste Water Pipe Networks

During a pipe network calculation, the topography of the network with all connected components is detected. Topography is considerably more important in a gravity drainage network than in a pipe network that is operated by pressure. The dimensioning is checked and determined based on the location of a section.

Technical data can be entered for all components. Usually, default values are already specified. Then the pipes are dimensioned based on the material and the settings in the configuration.The main task of the calculation is dimensioning. In addition, slope, filling degree and many other data are determined.

Course structure

Calculating Waste Water Pipe Network

    • 1. General Information
      • 1.1 Introduction
    • 2. Overview of the calculation
      • 2.1 The Main Window
      • 2.2 The Report Dialog
    • 3. Configuration
      • 3.1 Configuration
    • 4. Setting Components
      • 4.1 Classifying Components
      • 4.2 Pipe material and technical data
    • 5. Further Adjustments
      • 5.1 Pipe Tables, Product Data and Naming Pipe Runs
    • 6. Visualization
      • 6.1 Visualization
    • 7. Final Adjustments
      • 7.1 Labeling
      • 7.2 Output

  • E-learning
  • Construction
  • Revit
  • Calculation
  • Waste Water

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