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Assigning Spaces to Zones

Shows step-by-step how to assign spaces to zones.

Before you begin

You would like to assign the MEP spaces created in your model to zones.


Spaces are available.

Navigate to:

Project tabArchitecture discipline Construction tab


  1. Open the Zoning section and select Zones.
  2. In the upper area, use the drop-down list to select an zone type, e.g. Zones.
  3. Select the room you would like to assign to a zone, e.g. a zone with different target temperatures.
  4. Optional: Hold Ctrl and select other rooms you would like to assign to the other zone.
  5. Open the context menu with a right click.
  6. Move your mouse over the menu item Move to.
  7. Select the desired zone.
    Note: Alternatively, you can create a new zone by selecting an option under New zone: and move the room to it at the same time.
    Note: If you move a room to another zone in the zoning, the attribute in the space properties will change as well.


The selected spaces were assigned to the other zone.