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Details on Creating Spaces

Information on the Creating spaces dialog.

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Project tab Architecture discipline Construction tab

Create spaces <

Creates spaces in the current top view of your model in consideration of the settings.

Manually or automatically

Manually: Place your spaces manually.

Automatically: Have your spaces automatically placed in the current floor plan view.

Fill shafts

Activated: All rooms without a corresponding architectural room also receive a space. The space is automatically defined as not occupiable and is treated as a shaft by the program. When you transfer the building geometry to LINEAR Building, shafts are set as unheated and uncooled.

Data transfer

Activated: Executes the command Data transfer from rooms < at the same time as creating the spaces. Existing data from the rooms of the linked file are automatically transferred. You can make the settings for data transfer in the section of the Data transfer from rooms < function.

Tag on placement

Activated: Spaces are automatically labeled with the information of corresponding rooms during creation. If the Data transfer check box is deactivated, the spaces are numbered consecutively and are all named Space. In this case, you must enter the room names manually. If only this option is activated, spaces are also placed in shafts, but these are not marked as shafts.