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Have you always had a wish regarding certain features in LINEAR software? Now is your chance to submit it to the LINEAR Idea Channel and have it voted on by other customers. 

The Idea Channel also gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with our product management department. In this way, a suggestion essentially passes four process steps. On the home page of the Idea Channel, as shown in Figure 1, these steps are briefly summarized.

1. Submit a suggestion
In the first step, you can submit a proposal by formulating your suggestions in compact form and supplementing them with screenshots if necessary. While creating your proposal, you may be shown existing, similar proposals. In this case, you can switch to the respective proposal and vote for it to achieve a meaningful number of votes.

2. Review by LINEAR
The newly submitted proposals are reviewed by product management on a weekly basis. In this step, we check whether there has already been a similar idea or whether the required use case has been clearly formulated. If necessary, product management can ask follow-up questions, which are clarified directly via the comments of the respective proposal. Furthermore, a basic assessment is made regarding technical feasibility. When all questions have been clarified and the use case is correspondingly comprehensible for others, the proposal is published.

3. Publication and voting
In the voting phase (step 3), suggestions can be voted on. To do this, you have the option of searching for ideas in the Idea Channel and casting your vote with a “thumbs up” for the desired suggestion. You can also enable notifications to be informed by email about activities and status changes of the suggestions. Depending on the number of votes and the evaluation of the product management, the suggestions are finally forwarded to development.

4. Integration into the software
The final step involves integrating the proposal into the software. For this purpose, the requirements and the exact implementation in the software are first specified by product management and coordinated with development. The proposal is then sorted into the development planning according to its evaluation and implementation effort. The latter then specifies when the idea will be implemented by development. After the new feature has been accepted, the product management will inform you via a comment in the corresponding suggestion in which upcoming feature pack it will be included and thus be available to all LINEAR customers.

Overview of your suggestions
To get access to the LINEAR Idea Channel, you need an activated user account on our website, similar to the e-learning portal. Through your user account, you can collect all the suggestions you have made and ideas you have voted for in your personal area, giving you an optimal overview. In the “My Ideas” area, you can also view the current status of the suggestions. Meanwhile, suggestions with the status “under review” are still being reviewed by product management, while suggestions with the status “in coordination” and “in process” can be found by other customers and voted for. In addition, proposals with the status "Completed", "Duplicate" and "Rejected" are already closed.

We hope you find the LINEAR Idea Channel useful and look forward to your ideas and suggestions.

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