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More than 30 years ago, the LINEAR software was created with the idea of recording information only once and then maintaining it in the same place. This concept, known as the "Single Source of Truth", was first put into practice in MEP planning with calculations based on pipe network designs.

Key contributions of MEP in the life cycle assessment of buildings

With increasing awareness of environmental values and resources, the topics of sustainable construction and resource efficiency have become the focus of public attention. The consumption of resources in the building industry is immense. Not only the energy consumption during the construction of the…

New feature pack: LINEAR V23.2 now available!

The feature pack V23.2 is available! A lot of new LINEAR functions for efficient MEP design on Revit and AutoCAD are waiting for you.

For the first time we have marked all features that were implemented based on customer requests from our Idea Channel.  

Fabrication or Design 3D?

The right tool for every task: To meet the challenge of detailed work and construction design, there are several approaches. In our new technical article, LINEAR's Head of Development Christian Waluga looks at two different alternatives.

Creation of schematics in Revit - Redefined

In this article, we would like to take you from the definition of the scheme, to the difficulties of creating it during design and developing an automated process, to the workload reduction that awaits you with our new, automatic generation of schemes in Revit.

The Skydome House: The Template for a Whole Weries

In the Bavarian town of Neukirchen vorm Wald near Passau, an unusual dome-shaped residential building was erected. The so-called Skydome house including a carport in the residential area "Fernblick" is equipped with the latest building technology. The client opted for an energy-saving overall system…

PTB - a federal BIM pilot project

Walther Meißner, the pioneer of low-temperature research, is the namesake of the new building that the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) is getting on its historic site in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Maybe a little less?

The goal of a building services system is usually to create a comfortable environment for the users of the building. Furthermore, the energy demand of the system should be limited to the necessary. Load calculations are required for dimensioning the building services…

Recycling building with C2C

Building with a positive footprint. The Cradle to Cradle® principle makes it feasible and offers a holistic approach for construction projects within a sustainable development framework. We will introduce the principle and show you how BIM supports implementation, and the influence it has on the MEP…

Revit and LINEAR in Action – the Spandau Ufer

An innovative sustainable district in the middle of Berlin Spandau, which offers the advantages of big city life in close proximity and at the same time serves as a role model for other projects - this is the vision of Spandauer Ufer GmbH & Co. KG and the participating companies merz…