The new LINEAR logo
In addition to modernizing the typeface with a clear, geometric font and the consistent use of capital letters, the logo was expanded to include a figurative mark. This not only visualizes the initial letter "L" of the company name in its basic form and in the resulting white space, but also shows our connection to the construction industry through the association of a 3D building form. The figurative mark can also be optionally integrated into communication without the font mark, e.g. in our software solutions. 

Actively meeting the challenges of our customers
The permanent further development of software solutions, the consideration of innovative new developments of the manufacturers of MEP components and last but not least continuous adaptations to standards lead to the fact that the field of work of our customers is definitely characterized by a high dynamic. This requires continuous training.

On the other hand, there are well-filled order books, the requirement for accelerated planning under deadline pressure, and ultimately the costs incurred by further training measures. 

In order to nevertheless give our customers the opportunity to develop their know-how and skills individually, we now offer 3 additional channels on our newly designed website:

1. the LINEAR blog - the news center
The newly created blog serves as a hub for all news related to MEP & BIM. Among other things, visitors can find publications and interesting facts from the industry, information on new and updated industry datasets, new features from the software and upcoming events and dates. The blog can be searched and filtered by category, and under each post there is the option to share and discuss with other users.

2. the new LINEAR e-learning portal - free online training and forum
For your personal software training, we are offering free online tutorials for several years now, in addition to the general training courses. Although this option already enjoys great popularity, the entire e-learning concept has been revised as part of the new online presence. 

On the new e-learning portal, customers now have access to software training courses that can be worked through in sensibly structured courses. The courses consist of several short videos, some combined with text elements, final exams and associated sample projects. Courses that have been started are displayed in the individual profile and can be continued seamlessly. 
The great differentiation of the courses on offer enables the targeted training of given questions. The e-learning portal also offers a forum in which users can exchange views on course content or specific questions and provide mutual support. 
The range of courses on offer is, of course, being continuously expanded.

3. the new LINEAR-Knowledge-Base - more than just a help
The LINEAR Knowledge Base is the logical continuation of our software help, which is also offered on the web for the first time with our new version 23. In this area, our customers can find everything worth knowing about the operation of the software as well as more detailed information on supported standards, system requirements and newly implemented functions. The knowledge base is logically sorted and offers a powerful search function that will help our customers to always find the right answers to their questions.

Of course, interested parties will find information about our solutions on our website and a central contact page with requests for free trials and for support and training. Consultation appointments with our regional sales force can also be requested here.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy both the new visual appearance of LINEAR and the associated services and that they will be of benefit to your daily work.

I hope you enjoy exploring the new possibilities.

Gregor Meurers

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