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About Tables of Insulation

Explains the concept of Insulation tables in Pipe and Air Duct Network Calculations.

Insulation tables are the basis for calculating heat losses for pipe and duct networks and are used when creating parts lists. Insulation materials are assigned to pipes and ducts in the project.

Depending on pipe external diameter or duct measurements, the appropriate insulation thickness and thermal conductivity from the insulation tables is used. No insulation is assigned for the first calculation. Assignment of insulation to pipes and ducts is done depending on the selected discipline using the following functions:

  • Heating, Cooling, Potable water: Material Settings
  • Waste Water: Insulation applications
  • Ventilation: Assigning Insulation

The insulation tables provide neutral insulation systems at LINEAR neutral systems and user-defined insulation, as well as manufacturer-specific insulation systems. Insulation tables for user-defined insulation can be edited and extended.

Install an appropriate data set to use manufacturer systems. Manufacturer datasets can be downloaded via the LINEAR Installation Center. Which dimensions are available depends on the selected system.