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Analyzing Buildings

Get information about the requirements analysis of a building. The demand analysis includes the calculation of the heat load, the cooling load and the ventilation concept.

Two paths lead to detailed requirements analysis with LINEAR Building: In the first case, you have a CAD model of your project, which you capture in LINEAR Building, add parameters required for calculation if necessary, and perform a requirements analysis based on this data. In the second case, you manually enter the data and parameters of your project directly in LINEAR Building and perform a requirements analysis based on the entered data. If you only need an approximate requirements analysis, you can use the quick entry of the approximate heat load to perform an approximate, area-based heat load calculation with little effort. Based on the requirements analysis carried out, you can then carry out dimensioning.

In the module Domestic Ventilation - Concept DIN 1946-6 it is determined whether ventilation measures for humidity protection are required for a building structure. If measures of ventilation technology are necessary, you can create ventilation concepts for the individual ventilation zones of the project. After defining the domestic ventilation concept, you define the components of the ventilation system and perform the dimensioning in the Domestic Ventilation - Design and Quotation module.