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The BOA Control family includes:

• Static regulating and metering valves    
• Differential pressure controllers    
• Pressure-independent regulating valves including actuators    
• Regulating valves    

BIM-ready product data in the VDI 3805 standard as well as Revit Family data sets are available for the entire BOA-Control family. In the LINEAR software solutions, these are available free of charge and can thus be used directly for design, calculation and 3D modeling. Do you need support with the design? With the BOA-Control Calc application, you can determine which is the right KSB regulating valve by entering the most important system parameters - intuitively and easily.

All datasets and CAD libraries can be found in the LINEAR Installation Center.

Installation Center

  • BIM
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Calculation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Manufacturer data sets

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