Tag: Void planning

New e-learning course: Void planning in Revit

In the latest course on our e-learning portal, we demonstrate the void planning with LINEAR for Revit. In addition to the positioning of openings and slots, we will demonstrate the coordination with other participants directly in the model.

In order to guarantee the static integrity of a building…

New e-learning course on issues & tasks

Another course is now available on our e-learning platform. In the "Issues and Tasks" course you will learn everything you need to know about our tools for collaboration, communication and task management.  The courses are available to all LINEAR customers free of charge.

LINEAR Desktop - All Hat and a lot of Cattle!

With its Desktop for Revit, LINEAR Solutions offers a complete solution for realizing BIM processes in MEP design. With modules that build on one another, this solution offers an optimally functioning ecosystem which, particularly through the high interconnectedness of its functions, demonstrates…