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About Pipe Network Calculation for Gas

Explains the concept of the Gas Pipe Network Calculation.

Detection of Network Geometry and Components

Before calculation, the pipe network is detected from the drawing in all detail. This is done automatically after clicking Calculate. Only components of the layers that have been selected for component detection in the Settings dialog are detected.

To analyze the geometry of the pipe network, the section parts are determined first. Section parts in pipe networks will be delimited by branches or by components of dimension changes (e.g. transitions, pressure regulating devices, gas excess flow valve).

The program then searches for the starting component of the pipe network. This usually is a main shut-off valve (MSV).

On this basis, the flow paths of the pipe network are determined. Flow paths always lead from the MSV to a gas consumer. Thus, a calculable gas pipe network always contains as many flow paths as consumers are drawn.

Calculation steps

Prior to calculation you can set some parameters in the Settings dialog, e.g. the permitted pressure loss, permitted velocities and simultaneity method.

In the beginning of the pipe network calculation, the program determines the section part load from the consumer’s data in the pipe network.

Based on the calculated section part loads the section parts are dimensioned such that the preset maximum velocity and the permitted pressure loss are not exceeded.