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Labeling and Dimensioning

Learn how to label components and sections in your drawing and how to dimension your drawing.

The LINEAR Control Board offers you various options for labeling and dimensioning pipe and duct networks.

After a successful calculation, you can label the components and sections of your drawing with the data determined in the Pipe and Duct Network Calculation. A variety of different labels are available for the individual network object types in the labeling area of the calculation, which you can also adapt and expand as required.

You can also label components with any information stored on the component itself. This can be design data of the components such as dimensions, weight or distances as well as user-defined information such as maintenance intervals. You can also use the labels supplied for these purposes and adapt or extend them to your requirements if necessary. You can also create your own labels in the component lists and in the labeling area. When you create your own labels via the component lists, all the parameters available in your drawing are automatically made available to you.

You can add further information to the automatic labeling of slots, openings and core drill holes and subsequently label slots, openings and core drill holes that are not labeled.

If you want to add additional texts or strings to your drawing, various tools are available for this purpose. You can also use these tools to add missing room labels or to add elevation points to pipes. In addition, you can also edit the inserted elements subsequently in different ways.

Various functions are available for dimensioning your drawing. You can adapt the design of the dimensioning elements to the needs of your project. You will also find various tools in the Control Board for the subsequent editing of dimensions that have already been placed.