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Get basic information on output to the LINEAR Solutions for AutoCAD. for output to LINEAR Building and print mask editor.

Learn how to adjust the component data of components and output the data from the pipe or duct network calculation in LINEAR Solutions for AutoCAD. Also, get information on plotting and printing projects and outputting advanced drawing information such as component lists or duct allowances.

The various export functions of the LINEAR Solutions for AutoCAD allow you to convert to a wide variety of data formats to enable further processing in various programs.

In LINEAR Building you can display and edit all materials required due to the consumer design in the material composition. If you would like to create an energy certificate for a building, the interface to the DÄMMWERK software is available.

In the print preview of LINEAR Building you specify the print topics to be output for a selected structural level of the building or for the entire project.

To adapt the output to your needs, you can edit the used print masks with the print mask editor as well as create new print masks.