Geberit AG - water is our wellspring The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with global presence. Geberit operates sales offices in 41 countries. The product range includes sanitary systems and piping systems. Geberit products are innovative, durable and eco-efficient.

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Geberit Company Profile

The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with global presence. From the time of its establishment in 1874, the company has always been a pioneer in the sector, consistently setting new trends with its comprehensive system solutions.

Geberit operates sales offices in 41 countries.  Sales emphasis is on the main European markets with strong growth opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe, France, the United Kingdom, the Nordic Countries, North America, China, India and Southeast Asia. The markets in Asia and North America are supplied with products adapted to regional needs. Local competence centers have been established in Shanghai (China) and Chicago (USA). The company has 17 production sites in eight different countries. The main production facilities are located in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The product range was conceived both for new construction as well as for renovations and modernizations.  It includes the product areas of sanitary systems (installation systems, flushing tanks and fittings, valves and flushing systems, shower toilets) and piping systems (building drainage and supply systems). Geberit products are innovative, durable and eco-efficient. In 2013, the company trained around 30,000 sanitary installers and designers as well as architects in Geberit systems and software tools at its 25 training centers in Europe and overseas.

In 2013, the Geberit Group achieved sales of CHF 2.3 billion. The Group employs around 6,200 people worldwide. Since 1999, the company based in Jona/SG has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange; in 2012, the Geberit share was included in the SMI (Swiss Market Index).

Geberit supply systems

Lifelines of modern buildings
A modern building acts like a complex organism that needs to be supplied with water, heat, energy and more. Geberit supplies the solutions that keep its functions running reliably and continuously.

Vital functions under control
Potable water, heating, gas, industrial plants, sprinkler and more: Geberit supply systems for residential buildings, industry and public institutions ensure the vital functions of buildings and plants and offer your customers the expected reliability.

Potable water: the essential element of life
Potable water is our most important food and body care product. It has to meet the highest quality standards and is strictly controlled accordingly. With systems made in Europe, Geberit ensures consistently high potable water quality in buildings. Geberit’s know-how and experience gained in the continuous product evolution in its own research departments ensuring reliable solutions that are always at the latest state of development and conforming to standards.

Heating: fast, safe and economical installation
Heating pipe systems must meet at least two basic demands: They have to be tight and easy to use. Geberit piping systems can do more. We are constantly working on new solutions that facilitate the installers’ work - install heating systems without problems and profitably.

Gas: safety first
Even if gas installations only represent a small part of the supply pipes of a building, they play an important role. The safety standards on pipelines for the transport of gas, as a volatile and explosive substance, are particularly high. Geberit Mapress gas supply systems are therefore subject to particularly strict quality controls. Every single fitting is subjected to several strict tightness tests.

Industrial plants: Customized supply
The applications of piping systems are as varied as their industries. From plant design to the automotive industry, from shipbuilding to pharmaceuticals and food processing: Geberit's product range includes suitable solutions for industrial gases, process water, alkalis, acids and other media.

Sprinkler: Nip fires in the bud
Fixed fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems are designed to prevent the spread of a fire at its source or to bring the fire under control to a level where it can be easily extinguished by other means. Geberit Mapress press systems have approvals for various types of sprinkler systems and extinguishing water pipes and thus meet the high requirements of the certification companies VdS, FM as well as the DIN regulations and various international approvals.

Geberit drainage systems

Systematic drainage
Drainage with Geberit means more than just discharging water. Geberit is continuously expanding its knowledge and integrating its know-how into the development of its products. Thus, Geberit's drainage technology remains a leader in the development of complex building structures, water-saving installations and equipment and in the face of increasing demands for noise and fire protection.

Research in our own sanitary and acoustic laboratories
In addition to various sanitary laboratories, Geberit also owns an acoustic laboratory in Switzerland. The Geberit employees optimize the hydraulics and functions of the drainage components there. This is where the solutions for the challenges of the future are created! One example is the steady decline in water consumption over the years. In this way, the space-saving DN90 pipe diameter has become the standard compared to the previously used DN100.