The art of handling air

TROX understands the art of competently handling air like no other company. Since its foundation in 1951, TROX has been developing and producing high-quality components, devices and systems for air conditioning in rooms as well as for fire and smoke protection. Through intensive research and development activities, TROX has become a globally renowned leader in the field of efficient and networked air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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Here you can download the stand-alone solution of the TROX CAD Browser. As a LINEAR customer, use the download option in the LINEAR Installation Center.

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TROX Planning support

TROX offers comprehensive information on the dimensioning of air conditioning and ventilation components:

  • TROX online
    The TROX homepage provides you with daily updated information on all necessary data for the design of TROX products. The intuitive product navigation leads you straight to the comprehensive technical data.
  • Easy Product Finder dimensioning software
    With the Easy Product Finder, you can dimension TROX products in a very simple way. Reliable technical data, interactive dimensioning assistants and numerous report functions, such as reports on input parameters and dimensioning results, tender texts and parts lists, make the Easy Product Finder an indispensable tool in the HVAC industry.
  • VDI 3805 Data sets
    The VDI 3805 data sets provide you with all the necessary technical data for the dimensioning of the product as well as the geometry belonging to the respective product (in the form of interfering spaces, connections and design modules for complex representation).

TROX Company Profile

We guarantee a good climate. Worldwide.


The TROX GROUP is a leader in the development, manufacture and sale of components and systems for ventilation and air-conditioning of rooms. As a manufacturer of precisely matched products for ventilation and air-conditioning systems all over the world, TROX consults on their combination into application-optimized system solutions.

The main product areas are:
• central air conditioning units,
• air diffusers,
• air filter,
• air-water systems,
• building fans,
• fire protection and smoke extraction systems,
• volume flow control units and
• sound attenuators
including the corresponding control technology.


TROX was founded in 1951. With 27 subsidiary companies in 25 countries on five continents, 14 production facilities, and importers and representatives, TROX is present in over 70 countries.

Complete systems that are technically and energetically optimized - from a single source

TROX stands for system solutions in ventilation and air-conditioning technology with high customer benefits, excellent quality and advanced technology. TROX offers almost all components, devices and control systems (including central air conditioning units and building fans) required for the installation of a central air conditioning system - from a single source and therefore optimally matched to each other. The energy-efficient and innovative solutions developed and implemented by TROX are precisely tailored to the needs of customers and users. With the help of this consistently implemented product strategy, TROX secures its global technological leadership.