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Close to the sky

The Thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil

The year 2014 was a sensation for the small Black Forest town of Rottweil. In 2014 thyssenkrupp Elevator in Essen decided to build the world's most modern test tower in the oldest city in Baden-Württemberg. Until then, Rottweil was rather known as the heartland of Carnival and a Roman settlement. But now a state-of-the-art test centre for high-speed lifts was to be built there, with cabins that are 18 m/s fast while remaining whisper quiet in combination with the unique ropeless MULTI. The citizens of the city were thrilled. The administration as well. After only 12 months of design, the construction work began.

The cooperation between the global thyssenkrupp group with 161,000 employees and the City of Rottweil with its 25,000 inhabitants was exemplary, it was reported everywhere. At the request of the city, the new 246-metre high test tower was given a viewing platform at a height of 232 metres, making it Germany's highest visitor platform, far ahead of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Because everything is completely paned all around, it takes some courage to stroll along the 3-metre high safety glass. But the courage is worth it, because on good days the view sweeps over thousands of square kilometres of land as far as the Swiss Alps. In the region, the test tower from thyssenkrupp Elevator is a magnet for visitors and has doubled the annual number of visitors to the small town of Rottweil.

thyssenkrupp tests both classic high-speed elevators and innovative magnetic field elevators operating under the MULTI brand name in the world's highest test tower for elevators. They function without ropes and can theoretically be moved in all directions, which opens up completely new freedom for architects. Further advantages: 50 % less installation space with twice the capacity and significant energy savings compared to conventional elevator technology The thyssenkrupp test tower, with its 12 elevator shafts, was designed by architects Werner Sobek and Helmut Jahn. The construction was carried out by Züblin AG, Stuttgart. The tower was built in only 10 months. Everything went according to plan. SCHAKO is the central supplier of fire protection, smoke detection, smoke extraction and ventilation components in the test tower in Rottweil. Maximum safety, the best comfort and the greatest possible individualisation were decisive in the selection of the batch, for example the draught-free air intake through WDA jet nozzles with special swirl discs in the two fully paned functional rooms at a height of over 200 metres in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7730. thyssenkrupp Elevator has invested around 40 million euros in the Rottweiler test tower, which is open to all visitors from Friday to Sunday. A good 240,000 were already up in the first 12 months. Tickets are available on site; but also online at


  • Fire dampers | Multileaf dampers
  • Smoke dampers | Smoke detectors
  • Ventilation device | Jet nozzles
  • Flow rate controller | Sound absorber

With SCHAKOnnect, SCHAKO provides designers with a comprehensive tool for the professional dimensioning of ventilation components. After product selection, a 3D CAD model in two levels of detail and all relevant technical parameters are output for further designing and calculation. With the integrated Live Viewer, the model can be viewed from all sides and 2D views can be generated. The integrated AutoCAD and Revit interface ensures convenient positioning of the components in the building model or floor plan. Export, labelling and parts list functions complete the powerful software.


At our SCHAKO Partner website SCHAKOnnect can be downloaded free of charge. For liNear customers the CAD library is also available in the liNear CAD Browser.