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Little helpers including the IFC export

liNear Desktop AddOn Tools

Often it is thelittle helpersthathelps to makethe dailyworkflowmuch easier. Withthe linearDesktopAddOn Toolsyou getsome toolsto help youachievejust that.As in the planning process arediverseCADsystems in use,thedata exchangeis oftentime consuming. Especially the IFC format becomes more and more important to make a BIM process possible. But also theDWG and DXFconverterdoes thisadjustment in accordance withyourpreferences. Inclearly designed dialogsto change colors, line types, text styles, etc. according to yourstandard. These changescan be savedfor specific projectsandthereforeuse again in future projects.

In addition,you can assignthe componentsin your drawing with facility managementinformation. This helpsthe owner of the building to manage it and often it is part of the requirements specification. Existing FMdatabasescan also be loadedinto your drawing.


Open BIM with IFC

All data can be saved directly out of the draing in the liNear desktop as intelligent IFC file and can be used in collaboration tools (e.g. Autodesk Navisworks). All information do retain. Open BIM in its most effective form.

IFC export options

The IFC export dialog gives you the opportunity to write all or just individual trades in the IFC. Likewise, you have the choice whether block references and IFC Property Sets are to be exported as well. When you choose the target programm it is also secured that the colours are exported correct.

Multi-DWG editor

Using the Multi-DWG editor you can change Layer names, line weights, line styles, colors etc. in one step and adjust the drawing to your own specifications.

Facility Management - loading the data base

Importing existing FM databases as Access data into your drawing and edit the components with information for the maintenance and management of the building.

Adding facility management information

You are able to add information to components that are required for facility management. Maintenance intervals, object numbers, etc. can be freely added. [Translate to English:] Geben Sie Bauteilen Informationen mit, die für das Facility Management benötigt werden. Wartungsintervalle, Objektnummer, etc. können frei eingegeben werden.

DWG- and DXF-Converter

A DWG and a DXF converter is also part of the Desktop AddOn Tools to create at any time the right format for the particular project.