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Domestic ventilation calculation

liNear Building Ventilation

Room ventilation systems in apartments have become increasingly important – a fact which must be met by adequate software. For quotation costing within minutes up to detailed implementation planning, liNear has extended the reliable product portfolio with solutions to the requirements of room ventilation systems in apartments. Additionally, the program comes with a first data set (Viessmann Vitovent). Due to the tight building envelopes today, there may often not be enough incoming fresh air when the rooms are conventionally ventilated.

Thus, consequences such as humidity damages and mould formation are likely to be expected. For that reason, a ventilation concept according to DIN 1946-6 is mandatory in many planning projects. liNear supplies for such purposes the Building Ventilation module. There, you may also use the building data from the heat load calculation.


Choose predefined climate zones or create new

In order to obtain realistic results, the climate zone of an object is relevant. Select either from the large selection predefined places from all over the world or define new locations and areas.

U-value determination

The tabular and graphical definition of room components such as walls, ceilings, windows and doors using the building materials table allows the quick and easy calculation of U-values. Including display of the temperature profile in the layer structure.

Creating standard components for a faster input

The ability to create standard components leads to faster and correctly input of the building geometry. Through the meaningful use of variables for room components, temperatures, etc. you parameterize your building, thus preserving maximum flexibility for changes during the planning process.

Takeover of all building datas from your CAD

With the Desktop AddOn Building Manager the entire building geometry can be taken automatically from AutoCAD or Revit, including room or adjoining temperatures.

Certified components catalog

The detailed design of system components such as radiators and panel heating and cooling, domestic ventilation systems, etc. based on real products leads to complete parts lists for the compilation of tender documents.

Direct connection to your CAD program

liNear Building as well maintains a constant dialog with your drawing solution. Interfaces to AutoCAD and liNear Desktop (including CADinside versions) or REVIT enable efficient working. The dimensioned products such as radiators or panel heating are automatically supplied to the drawing program where they are implemented graphically. By this means you may perform the calculation on the basis of your drawing as well as transfer the dimensioned products from the calculation to the drawing – a winning team.

Flexible building detection

The detection of the building is usually performed per room and may optionally be carried out automatically either in tabular form, CAD-based, or via the liNear Desktop AddOn Building Manager. Building models created in Autodesk REVIT may be imported directly via the Building AddOn Revit Interface. Thus, manual detection effort is no longer required!

Same modell for all certificates

Whether heat load, cooling load or domistic ventilation is concerned, liNear Building is the suitable program for you. A single data model for all modules enables you to save considerable time. Cumbersome double entries are history.


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