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Preparation and analysis
              of the building model

liNear Building Analyse

Building Analyse offers functions to prepare the architectural 3D building model, to analyse it and then to create a calculation model as a basis for normative and (building) physical calculations such as heating and cooling load calculation.


Perfect workflow between CAD and Building family

Fully automatic transfer of all building sections, storeys, rooms and room components, including room temperatures and adjoining temperatures in the calculation of heating or cooling load. After the dimensioning of radiators and / or panel tempering these elements are automatically inserted and labeled in the building model in your CAD.

Ideal room detection

By simply entering inner and outer contours all rooms and walls are automatically detected and generated. Simply place windows and doors with 2 clicks, and you're done.

Navigation tools

For a quick navigation in the building model the AddOn Building Manager provides you with tools like the room zoom and highlighting functions. For example choose a room in liNear Building and the program navigates to it within your CAD model. Take advantage of this powerful feature in the entire further planning process!

Automatic updates of floor plan modifications

If the floor plan is modificated, all unchanged sectors are preserved and just the changes are adopted. Heating and cooling load calculation are updated automatically. If rooms where merged or newly created the program announces an issue in order to e.g. redesign the floor heating or radiator dimensioning.

Any format as basis

Use whatever you get: DWG, DXF, PDF or even many popular image formats can be used as a base for the creation of the building model. Including aligning and scaling.

Interface to DIALux program

Floor plans can be transferred to the lighting design in the DIALux program of the company DIAL. After lighting design the lights automatically transferred back into the building model, and also can be used in the Desktop Electric.

Pitched roofs

Also pitched roofs and special room and roof constructions can be constructed with only 3 points and lead to more precise consideration of space components and volumes.