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Gas pipe net calculation

liNear Analyse Gas

Analyse Gas is the ideal tool for a safe, fast, and proper planning of gas pipe networks. The innovations of TRGI 2008 have made calculation and dimensioning aids essential. When dimensioning gas networks, the program verifies the functionality of the gas excess flow valve via the calculation. Existing systems may be subject to subsequent theoretical functional analysis and inspection.


liNear CAD Browser with Revit

You can use the liNear CAD Browser in combination with AutoCAD, liNear CADinside and also with Autodesk Revit. Countless manufacturer parts to use in your planning process. Intuitive handling with a direct connection to your CAD program to integrate the parts into your net.

Platform independence

With liNear Analyse you optionally work on the basis of drawings from Autodesk AutoCAD, REVIT or liNear CADinside. The functions of the pipe and air duct network calculations are identical throughout the CAD platforms. No familiarization is required in this respect.

According to Zanke, Prandtl-Colebrook or Prandtl-Karman

Perform the pressure loss determination for liquefied alternatively according to Zanke, Prandtl-Colebrook or Prandtl-Karman.

Gas meter assistent

The planning starts with choosing the proper meter group. An assistant will help you choose the right gas meter.

Calculation according to TRGI with operating pressure up to 100 mbar

The TRGI mode is permissible till an operating pressure up to 100mbar. Calculation according to the general procedure also industrial plants with operating pressures up to 5 bar can be dimensioned.

Input of material values as fuel gas

Choose optionally methane, butane or biogas. The program selects the proper calculation mode, depending on whether natural gas or LPG was elected.

Determine and dimensioning of the gas excess flow valve

Suitable gas excess flow valves are automatically detected and configured. The program checks the operability and assigns them to the results.

Calculating in all planning and display modes

The network can be calculated in scheme, floor planing or 3D isometric. You can choose the mode from project to project and decide which one is efficient and appropriate. The calculation always works the same way with reliable results.

Functional testing of existing systems

Existing installations can be tested toward a theoretical function analysis and review.

Calculation method free selectable

Select the appropriate method of calculation: TRGI 2008, TRF 2012, ÖVGW G11 or the general procedure.

Comprehensive visualization options

With the visual feedback of input values or calculation results, a quick-and-easy evaluation of a variety of data is possible. Dimensions, materials, but also velocities, pressure losses, and many more are visualized perfectly by the respective coloring of the network.

Calculation in all planning and display modes (scheme, 2D, 3D)

In each planning stage it is possible to have the drawn network calculated by the program. With already one pipe run scheme you can determine a working hydraulic system and detailed masses for your tendering very quickly. At the other end of the scale, calculating with a three-dimensional model ensures closest proximity to the actual implementation.

Recalculation of pre-dimensioned or existing systems

More and more existing systems are refurbished, reconstructed, or upgraded. To consider these systems according to reality, dimensions may easily be fixed in section parts or for the entire network.

Navigation in the pipe network system

The direct navigation in the pipe network system is one of the unbeatable advantages of the integrated graphical network calculation. Unfavorable flow paths or section parts are displayed directly in the model. Vice versa, you can use the option to simply select an object in the network in order to edit its calculation data.

Several networks or systems in one drawing

When comprehensive projects are concerned, a drawing often contains several systems. liNear Analyse can detect them and includes these in the selection options of the calculation dialog for printout – all in one work step.

Mass determination of single building sectors or apartements

The graphical net calculations allow you to select areas of the system for mass determination, e.g. Building sectors, storeys or apartments.

Complete parts lists

With the help of the large amount of manufacturer data sets for piping and ventilation systems including all necessary components it is doable without any additional effort to export a realistic parts list with all pipes, fittings, reducers and accessories. Perfect for an offer or tender.

Freely definable pipe and insulating tables

In case your requested pipe or insulating material is not available as a data set, it may be detected easily and quickly as manufacturer-neutral material.

Automatic and associative labeling

The calculation results are automatically integrated into the drawing and are updated with each modification of the calculation. Via freely configurable labeling blocks, you can control which calculation data in which planning phase are to be published with the drawing.

Working with drawing and calculation without interfaces

Integration into the CAD program and direct access to the CAD databases ensure the highest performance. At the same time, an interface between drawing and calculation is not required any longer. Problems with data exchange are now a thing of the past.

Detailed and standardized printouts

All calculation parameters and all results are documented comprehensibly and in detail in forms and lists – optionally in different languages.


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