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Integrated graphical
            network calculations

liNear Analyse

Calculation without interfaces

Every pipe or duct network is drawn in one form or another in order to be able to install it. What could thus be more practical than using this information directly for the calculation? Whether a scheme, a 2D floor plan, or a 3D pipe network is concerned, the liNear network calculations for heating, cooling, potable water, waste water, siphonic drainage, gas and air duct systems provide reliable, standardized hydraulic and sound-related results in each planning stage. They thus represent at all times important decision aids for the subsequent planning process. You may optimize the pipe arrangement and change the system components or pipe materials. At the push of a button, you may access the updated result including detailed parts lists for tendering or ordering – hydraulically perfect and clearly documented.

For more than 20 years the graphical network calculations by liNear have been used in daily practice and have proven their value. It is exact calculations, short planning times, clear and comprehensible results as well as complete bills of quantities which make the programs so efficient that they are used even in the planning departments of our industrial partners, whether on AutoCAD, REVIT, or CADinside.

Analyse modules - the right tool for every trade

Analyse Heating - Heating pipe network calculation

Today, perfectly dimensioned and hydraulically balanced heating systems are absolutely required in terms of energetic aspects. With the graphically based liNear heating pipe network calculation, two-pipe heating systems including Tichelmann pipe arrangement and connecting systems may be calculated separately. Within a system you may thus work with different temperatures. The basis for calculation may be either the pipe run scheme or the 2D or 3D floor plan drawing. Several control levels allow hydraulic balancing even of complex systems. more

Analyse Cooling - Cooling pipe network calculation

The requirements for a cooling pipe network calculation differ in many respects from those for a heating pipe network calculation. Before all, the check of the use of approved materials and the media data for cooling are advantages you may directly make use of. liNear Analyse Cooling is the optimum solution to meet these particular requirements.more

Analyse Potable Water - Calculating potable water pipe networks

Potable water is a vital foodstuff and thus requires particular attention. Installations, which transport such potable water to the tapping points, are for reasons of hygiene not just subject to considerably higher requirements since the amendment of the potable water ordinance DIN 1988-300. These requirements concern tapping times, cooling or heating at non-operating times, disinfection, and many more. With liNear Analyse Potable Water including the calculation of circulation according to DIN 1988-300/200, water supply systems are dimensioned optimally and safely in view of the hygienic quality of the potable water. more

Analyse Waste Water - Waste water pipe network calculation

With the waste water pipe network calculation liNear Analyse Waste Water, gravity drainage systems for sewage water and rain water within buildings are calculated and dimensioned according to DIN EN 12056/DIN 1986-100. Drawn slopes are checked and, optionally, the minimum slopes are used according to standard. All pipe types (ground pipes, connection pipes, venting of all kinds, etc.) are set by the program on the basis of the connection situation displayed in the drawing. The program detects the ventilation type appertaining to the drawn pipeline run. Moreover, all application limits, maximum lengths and maximum number of bends are checked as well as the maximum fall height. When the limiting conditions are exceeded, an error message is displayed including relevant information from the norm. more

Analyse Ventilation - Air duct network calculation

The program supports the user in the detection of the volume flow rates. It dimensions the air duct system in consideration of previously defined basic conditions including flow-mechanical balancing and detection of fan pressure. Additionally, a detailed calculation of the sound level development for each flow path is performed on the basis of the same drawing. Inherent noise as well as absorbability in the octave bands is calculated according to VDI 2081 for all components. To that end, either a 2D drawing from the liNear Desktop or a 3D drawing from Design 3D Ventilation may serve as your basis. more

Analyse Gas - Gas pipe network calculation

Analyse Gas is the ideal tool for a safe, fast, and proper planning of gas pipe networks. The innovations of TRGI 2008 have made calculation and dimensioning aids essential. When dimensioning gas networks, the program verifies the functionality of the gas excess flow valve via the calculation. Existing systems may be subject to subsequent theoretical functional analysis and inspection. more

Analyse Siphonic - Roof drainage with siphonic system

liNear Analyse Siphonic is the appropriate tool for the DIN 1986-100 standard. The British Standard (BS) is additionally supported. liNear Analyse Siphonic is a package with liNear Analyse Waste Water for calculation of the roof drainage with pressure flow according to DIN EN 12056-1986-100 / VDI 3806. The operation of the program is analogous to the waste water pipe network calculation.more

Supported CAD systems

liNear Desktop (for AutoCAD)

The liNear Desktop is the graphical base for the net calculations on AutoCAD and CADinside. The combination of Desktop and Analyse is perfect for the construction and calculation within one single drawing.

System requirements

for liNear Analyse 

Operating systems

You can use our solutions on Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) and Windows 10 ( 64-bit)

Supported CAD platforms

As a long-standing Autodesk partner, we support AutoCAD as well as REVIT natively (without the need for application programming interfaces or export/import workarounds). As a third basis, we offer the integrated CAD core liNear CADinside. The following version are supported:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2019 bis 2015
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2019 bis 2015
  • Autodesk AutoCAD MEP 2019 bis 2015
  • Autodesk Revit 2019 - 2017

only relevant for AutoCAD and liNear CADinside

The liNear desktop delivers the trade-specific drawing functions in AutoCAD as the basis for the calculations. The CADinside version of the liNear Desktop Module does not require any AutoCAD.