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Workflow instead Workaround!

Also with Autodesk Revit we follow the same philosophy as under AutoCAD already known and established. We create a workflow and avoid the workaround with the goal to help our customers directly to highest productivity. Therefore we work directly in the model and have integrated both the design tools and all network calculations into the program without error-prone interfaces. To make Revit a true engineer tool, we offer many design, buiklding detection and control tools that combine commands in a time-saving manner and extend for HVAC and piping engineers. The handling is based on the AutoCAD tools and thus enables an easy changeover or parallel operation of our solutions.

Building analysis

Easy building detection and load calculation

  • Complete analysis of the building model
  • Capture of even complex structures such as multi walls structures
  • Takeover of zoning, rooms, etc.
  • Acceptance of temperatures incl. adjacent temperatures
  • Parameter mapping for flexible project specifications
  • Heating load calculation
  • Cooling load calculation
  • Calculation of domestic ventilation
  • Search & Show function for rooms and components

Calculations direcly in the model

Pipe and air duct network calculations

  • Standard-compliant calculations directly in the model (without annoying interfaces)
  • Heating pipe network calculation
  • Cooling pipe network calculation
  • Gas pipe networks calculation
  • Potable water network calculation
  • Waste Water network calculation
  • Roof drainage (also with pressure flow)
  • Air duct network calculation incl. sound level
  • Extensive printouts of results
  • Complete material lists
  • Visualization of the results in the model
  • Manufacturer-tested component libraries

Construction tools for Revit

Make Revit a real solution for engineers

  • Time-saving commands for faster design and capture
  • automatical pipe offset
  • Automatic T-piece connection incl. waste water and slope
  • Connecting components with variant selection
  • draft order
  • Visual zoning tool
  • Automatic view generation (3D, floor plans, ceiling plans, sections)
  • View control (by building part, floor, trade,...)
  • Component libraries of all trades
  • Revit Family Manager

Extract from our supported standards:

  • BS 8490 / EN 12056
  • DIN 18379
  • DIN 1946-2
  • DIN 1946-6
  • DIN 1986-100
  • DIN 1988-300
  • DIN 1988-300/200
  • DIN EN 12056
  • DIN EN 12831
  • EN 1264 / EN 15377
  • EN 442
  • EnEV 2009
  • EnEV 2014 / 2016
  • NF P52-612/CN
  • ÖNORM B2501
  • ÖNORM H 7500-1
  • ÖVGW G11
  • SN Sia 384.201
  • SNiP SP 30.13330.2012
  • SP 30.13330.2012
  • SP 50.13330.2012
  • SVGW W3
  • TRF 2012
  • TRGI 2008
  • TS 2164
  • VDI 2078
  • VDI 2081

liNear Solutions for Revit - Featurevideos

Levels and more

with liNear Desktop for Revit

Explains the levels dialog with all import functionality and later usage while working


Managing Views in Revit

with liNear Desktop for Revit

Explains the new way to create and manage views logically in comparison to tree view.
Show discipline specific context menu, show 3D section box moving with selection


MEP Spaces fast and accurate

with liNear Building Analyse for Revit

Shows how fast and easy it is, to create MEP spaces with additional data accurate


Zoning and Zone handling

with liNear Building Analyse for Revit

Shows how to create Zones and how to use them effectively in your projects


Building detection for professional Load calculations

with liNear Building Analyse for Revit

Explains the dialog with all options, show detection on a mid-scale model and detailed results in Building

  • materials
  • components
  • floors, apartments, rooms

Heat load calculation according to Standards in Revit

with liNear Building

Shows how to finish calculation and update shared parameters in the model/floor plans and Space lables


Logical workflows

with liNear Desktop and Analyse Heating for Revit

Shows how to decide for a discipline and then work with the suggested command set on the different tabs


Panel Heating in Revit

with liNear Desktop Heating for Revit

Shows both ways how to insert panel heating circuits in Room areas and how to modify connections/patterns/spacings
Show result in rendered 3D and shared parameters on the objects


Create Parallel Systems

with liNear Desktop for Revit          

Shows how to setup and create parallel systems (3D view) with 4 variants and real manufacturer material


Connect radiators faster than ever

with liNear Desktop Heating  for Revit

Shows how to connect radiators with dialog and options and different results


Connect sanitary devices faster than ever

with liNear Desktop Water for Revit                              

Shows how to connect taps with dialog and options and different results


Solve pipe and duct collisions

with liNear Desktop for Revit

Shows how to use pipe/duct offset command and its options and variants


Simple way to create Architectural Model

with liNear Desktop

Explains the dialog with all options, show samples on different objects in one project


liNear for Revit - Integrated planning of technical building equipment without compromises!

Choose the liNear Suite

One solution for both platforms - liNear as a suite solution for AutoCAD and Revit

Our solutions are available for both AutoCAD and Revit. But which one do you choose? We recommend our liNear Suite for both platforms. For a small extra charge you get the solution you want for both platforms. For example, plan in the scheme in AutoCAD and use the possibilities of Revit to participate directly in the BIM process. A strong team for every application!

Revit BIM Project „Golden Nugget“