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More than 15.000 tested CAD components

Working with original parts from the industry

In collaboration with our industry partners we offer our customers extensive CAD libraries. In this way you can do your planning directly with the actually available components, which in particular the utility of materials and order lists increases immensely. The different CAD libraries are available in 2D and 3D. All data have been verified by the manufacturers and therefore guarantee a safe and effective planning. For an overview of all liNear partners look here.

The liNear CAD Browser

To make it easy to find and use a specific component we provide you with our liNear CAD Browser. The components can be automatically used in AutoCAD, and Revit CADinside. In addition to the quick selection of original manufacturer parts or neutral liNear components the CAD Browser offers you a range of interfaces. Different CAD exchange formats are available as well as a GAEB interface to your tendering and bidding program.

liNear CAD Browser with Revit

You can use the liNear CAD Browser in combination with AutoCAD, liNear CADinside and also with Autodesk Revit. Countless manufacturer parts to use in your planning process. Intuitive handling with a direct connection to your CAD program to integrate the parts into your net.

Project management

Manage all drawings and other documents such as tables, memos, etc. with ease, in any scale and drawing unit. Have headers filled in and edited in an automatized way.

The liNear Multi-Function-Board

This is the user interface which speaks your language and boosts your productivity from the first day on. It includes drawing assistants that guide you through your tasks step by step.

Automatic layer management

The layers are automatically created or adjusted and move along your work steps. They are sorted into the correct position with up to 6 freely configurable level of details.

Manufacturer data libraries

This is your step towards realistic planning with systems and industrial components. Plan more accurately with the liNear CAD browsers without additional effort and manage comprehensive product ranges with components that "think ahead". Be always up to date. All components are tested and approved by the manufacturers.

Medium table

Define all the properties of used mediums like liquids or air in an easy to use dialogue. Individually adaptable and freely expandable.

Storey table

Construct like in your imagination, including bottom edge of ceiling or upper edge of unfinished floor. On this basis, the program creates the correct z-coordinate for you. Suitable for construction and display.

The liNear CAD Browser

All manufacturers components available in one central location. With the help of the powerfull search function you can quickly find the desired part, preconfigure it and transfer it into your CAD drawing.

Labeling and dimensioning

Preconfigured norm lines and line thickness, reference lines, text blocks, automatic translations and much more make the previously time-consuming labeling and dimensioning now quickly and easily.

Automatic legends with free scaling and positioning

All used symbols and mediums are used to automatically compiling a legend which can be scald and put in any position you like. A good documentation helps to understand your construction.

Openings and wallbreak planning

Openings in walls, ceiling and floors can easily be drawn and labeled. Use the automativ opening and wallbreak function to save time. The program detects necessary walkbreaks, generates these wallbreaks and updates the part list.

Support of all planning and display modes

You can work in scheme, floor planing or 3D isometric: The Desktop supports you in any case. You can choose the mode from project to project and decide which one is efficient and appropriate.

Parts lists with short and long texts

All used components are shown in the part list with short and long texts. Also openings and wallbreaks can be determined and become part of the parts list.

Tray commands and pipe functions

Define complete pipe groups with medium and distances, also trade comprehensive and draw the whole tray as easy as a single line in schemes, floor plans or 3D isometric drawings.

Data sharing with liNear Building

Dimensioned radiators and panel tempering systems from the program family liNear Building but also individually defined heating and cooling surfaces are generated with multiple connection options, automatically transferred to the CAD and labeled.

Scheme generator for heating with drag-and-drop

Within the liNear desktop a powerful schema generator allows the complete construction of a pipe run scheme without any CAD experience. Using drag and drop to integrate the symbols and specify the section parts and number of bends. The entire scheme is finally generated with just one click automatically as AutoCAD DWG - ready to calculate with the pipe net calculations out of the liNear Analyse family. The schema generator gas is also part of this module.

Symbols for heating, cooling, gas and architecture

The liNear symbol bars contain all relevant symbols for the trades heating, cooling, gas and architecture. All symbols are preconfigured and ready to use, whether for scheme, isometric or floor planning. Clearly organized. Free expandable. Perfect in handling.

Hydraulic circuits and separators

Video - To increase the accuracy of calculations, the range of hydraulic circuits and separators has been expanded. The hydraulic circuits replace the three-way valves on the symbol bar. Also heat exchangers and hydraulic separators can now be easily integrated and calculated directly in your construction.

Auto connect and Autorouting

Connections between main pipe and Consumer or generator are drawn automatically: Just choose the element or even all elements you like to connect and the pipe. Connection is finished. There is no faster way to connect your whole drawing.

Available data sets

All availabledata setsare included in yourinitial installation.Newrecordsandupdates can be foundin our download area.