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BIM Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling - Future-proof with liNear

The idea of Building Information Modeling is to enable a interdisciplinary workflow to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain a Building over all trades. Therefore a common data base is needed to make this possible. But BIM is not a tool it is a completly new workflow which needs among the right software a different way of working together.


BIM is not a product, it is a new way of working togehther

BIM does not describe a product. It is a new method to work together with the help of a common data base which visualizes all physical and functionary Elements of a building from its first idea till the removal. The right software enables the participants to realise this idea.

Work in line with BIM

The idea of ​​BIM-compliant operation is not a new one, but comes primarily from the mechanical engineering where by the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP), a continuous exchange of product data across the entire services process and product life cycle was aspired.

The liNear users will allready know the concept behind BIM, because the liNear software solutions provides them with a comprehensive planning of all trades for over 20 years.

Withour  liNear Analyse modules all trades from heating over plumbing till sanitary can be calculated according to the respective project stage. The calculations can be done based on the scheme, the floor planning, the isometric 1-line planning, or a 3D model construction. watch supported CAD platforms

IFC interface for the openBIM process

To take part in BIM processes means more then using a new tool for the creation of building models. Today there are rare examples with a complete planning of all trades. The requested analyse and dimensioning processes are much to specific to do in a pure 3D-modelling tool.

Mr Waluga, CEO of liNear GmbH: „The liNear productportfolio contains over 20 software modules for specific solutions. From heating load going to construction modules and pipe network calculations in all trades until finally offer and tender programs, it is our aim to increase productivity significantly with software in the technical building services. To retain this proved high productivity while reaching the BIM requirements is the task which all software companies have to face within this process."

For the purpose of data exchange the IFC format was designed many years ago. With the definition of extensive "Industry Foundation Classes" it is possible to cover every conceivable geometric components and their material properties and/or technical data. So components from one application can be exported in order to import them into another application e.g. a central BIM Model. This gives us the chance to work with all the specific solutions on the market and collaborate with them in BIM processes.

This is why liNear presented the IFC Exporter at the ISH 2015. In close cooperation with customers, who are involved already in BIM projects, the RWTH Aachen and the industrial partners of liNear, the IFC Exporter was developed. This enables the high level of detail, which is known from liNear products and enables to use the results in openBIM process. The IFC interface is integrated in the liNear desktop addon Tools. to the module

No BIM without manufacturer products

"No BIM without products" describes the fact that for a BIM project with all necessary information products including their specific manufacturer details are needed.

Extensiveproductlibrariesanddata setsswith 3D modelsfor boilers,pumps, valves, piping, etc. from reputable manufacturersare regularly updatedincooperation with industryandaresuitable for direct usein the liNearsoftware.Downloads