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Building Analysis
and Data Transfer

liNear Building Analyse – Building Analysis and Data Transfer for Revit

Building Analyse offers functions to prepare the architectural 3D building model, to analyze it and then to create a calculation model as a basis for normative and (building) physical calculations such as heating and cooling load calculation. This is the basis on which all dimensionings can be carried out. It enables the bidirectional exchange between these calculations and the CAD model. In addition to the transfer of building information into the calculation, the calculation results can also be transferred into the model and dimensionings can be drawn automatically.


Automatic Transfer of the Building Model

liNear Building Analyse enables the direct connection between CAD and liNear Building for realizing dimensioning and certification. All building sections, storeys, rooms and room components are transferred including room temperatures and adjoining temperatures to liNear Building.

Automatic Update in case of Changes to the Floor Plan

Changes in the CAD model are automatically adopted and the calculations adjusted. That way you keep an overview and your design up to date even in case of changes.

Direct Navigation between liNear Building and the Revit Model

The convenient "Search and Show" function allows you to navigate directly from liNear Building into the CAD model. The direct connection thus enables fast navigation. You can also navigate directly from the model to the corresponding selection in liNear Building.

Further Functions

  • Optimized room detection
  • Easy-to-use zoning tool
  • Automatic drawing, labeling and transfer of the dimensioning in Revit
  • Recognize wall and floor sandwich constructions and detect them as one wall/ceiling
  • Detection and consideration of ground approximation
  • Controlling the overwriting of parameters during data transfer
  • Optional transfer of the air volume flow rates for consideration in the thermal load calculation
  • Definition and transfer of further building parameters (e.g. apartment name, target heating and cooling temperature)

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