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Waste Water
Pipe Net Calculation

liNear Analyse Waste Water – Integrated Waste Water Pipe Net Calculation for Revit

With the waste water pipe network calculation liNear Analyse Waste Water, gravity drainage systems for waste water and rain water within buildings are calculated and dimensioned according to DIN EN 12056/DIN 1986-100. Drawn slopes are checked and, optionally, the minimum slopes are used according to standard. All pipe types (ground pipes, connection pipes, venting of all kinds, etc.) are set by the program on the basis of the connection situation displayed in the drawing: The program detects the ventilation type based on the drawn pipe run. Moreover, all application limits, maximum lengths and maximum number of bends are checked as well as the maximum fall height. If the limit conditions are exceeded, the program reports the error with the corresponding notes from the standard.


Integrated Pipe Network Calculation incl. Redimensioning

The pipe network calculations of liNear are directly integrated into the CAD and allow direct access to the construction. Thus no interface between drawing and calculation is required. No more data exchange problems. The redimensioning can thus be carried out automatically directly in the model.

Verification of the Drawn Slopes and Calculation of the Minimum Slopes

The calculation controls the slope of the construction and also calculates the required minimum slopes.

Extensive Visualization Possibilities

Visual feedback of input values or calculation results can be used to quickly and easily evaluate a wide range of data. Dimensions, materials, but also velocities, pressure losses and much more are perfectly visualized by coloring the network.

Further Functions

  • Automatic recognition of pipe types
  • Aeration ducts are tested and certified according to standards
  • Dimensioning of rain water pipes with reference to statistical rainfall rate according to DIN 1986-100
  • KOSTRA and ÖKOSTRA interface
  • Extended pipe tables according to DIN EN 12056-2
  • Calculation with real product properties using data sets from leading manufacturers
  • Consideration of waste water lifting stations