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Potable Water Net Calculation

liNear Analyse Potable Water – Integrated Potable Water Net Calculation for Revit

Potable water is a vital foodstuff and thus requires particular attention. Installations, which transport this potable water to the tapping points, are for reasons of hygiene not just subject to considerably higher requirements since the amendment of the potable water ordinance DIN 1988-300. These requirements concern tapping times, cooling or heating at non operating times, disinfection, and many more.

With liNear Analyse Potable Water including the calculation of circulation according to DIN 1988-300/200, water supply systems are dimensioned optimally and safely in view of the hygienic quality of the potable water.


Integrated Pipe Network Calculation incl. Redimensioning

The pipe network calculations of liNear are directly integrated into the CAD and allow direct access to the construction. Thus no interface between drawing and calculation is required. No more data exchange problems. The redimensioning can thus be carried out automatically directly in the model.

Simulation of your Design

Simulation of flushing processes, ejection times, temperature curves, as well as circulation simulation and calculation mode for thermal disinfection.

Extensive Visualization Possibilities

Visual feedback of input values or calculation results can be used to quickly and easily evaluate a wide range of data. Dimensions, materials, but also velocities, pressure losses, unfavorable flow path and much more are perfectly visualized by coloring the network.

Further Functions

  • Calculation with real product properties using data sets from leading manufacturers
  • Temperature-time functions for section parts / entire network in consideration of insulation and ambient temperature
  • Dwelling and decentralized fresh water stations
  • Pressure boosting station and pressure closed-loop controller with output pressure specification
  • Exact bills of quantities including article numbers in all standard formats
  • Hydraulic balancing over several control levels
  • Several circulation systems in one network
  • Detailed calculation according to DIN 1988-300 (real zeta values, usage units) in consideration of DIN 1988-100
  • Circulation calculation according to DIN 1988-300/200
  • Visualization of results in the model (representation of dimensions, materials, velocities, most unfavorable flow path, etc.)
  • Proof of efficiency for flushing devices