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Gas Pipe Net Calculation

liNear Analyse Gas – Integrated Gas Pipe Net Calculation for Revit

liNear Analyse Gas is the ideal tool for a safe, fast, and proper design of gas pipe networks. The innovations of TRGI 2018 have made calculation and dimensioning aids essential.

When dimensioning gas networks, the program verifies the functionality of the gas excess flow valve via the calculation. Existing systems may be subject to subsequent theoretical functional analysis and inspection.


Integrated Pipe Network Calculation incl. Redimensioning

The pipe network calculations of liNear are directly integrated into the CAD and allow direct access to the construction. Thus no interface between drawing and calculation is required. No more data exchange problems. The redimensioning can thus be carried out automatically directly in the model.

Alternative Calculations

Determine the pressure loss for liquid gases alternatively according to Zanke, Prandtl-Colebrook or Prandtl-Karman.

Extensive Visualization Possibilities

Visual feedback of input values or calculation results can be used to quickly and easily evaluate a wide range of data. Dimensions, materials, but also velocities, pressure losses and much more are perfectly visualized by coloring the network.

Further Functions

  • Gas pipe network calculation according to TRGI 2018 / TRGI 2008 / DVGW G600, DVGW G617, ÖVGW G11 and TR liquid gas
  • Calculation according to TRGI for systems with an operating pressure up to 100 mbar
  • Calculation of industrial systems with operating pressures up to 5 bar
  • Calculation with real product properties using data sets from leading manufacturers
  • Input of material values (methane, butane, biogas)
  • Automatic dimensioning of gas excess flow valves
  • Alternative calculations according to Zanke, Prandtl Colebrook and Prandtl-Kármán
  • Dimensioning of compressed air pipe networks possible